【Please help our business develop abroad with your English ability】

Our company sales imported cars to overseas in more than 70 countries. Woman staff recruitment.
Let's work together in an environment where you can communicate with customers overseas and use your English skills! Also, You can work at the showroom staff . We can work together with FUN!!

Would you like to improve your career as well as skill up?


Announce for Regular holiday

Our company normally closed on second Tuesday but it will be open and will be closed on third of Tuesday which is 15th January. Also, We are regularly closed on every Wednesday too.
Thank you for understanding.



Happy New Year!

Thank you for supporting last year. We wish we can continue to business this year too.
May this be a happy and fruitful year.
We will open for business from 5th January.
Thank you.

Pacific Planning Co.,Ltd.



Thank you very much for supporting this year.
We are appreciate your support and encouragement in the past year
Wishes for a happy holiday season and a New Year of peace and prosperity.
I hope that 2019 will be happy and successful.
We will open for business from 5th January.


☆Announce for New Yesars holiday☆

Dear valued customer and clients

On behalf of our management team we wish to thank you for your continued patronage.
At this time this will be our running schedule for the Japanese New Year’s holiday and Christmas.
Thank you in advance for your continued patience and understanding.
Tuesday December 25th Christmas day we are closed.
Wednesday December 26th we are open for business.
Thursday December 27th we are open for business.
Friday December 28th we are open for business.
Saturday December 29th closed for Japanese New Year.
Sunday December 30th closed for Japanese New Year.
Monday December 31st closed for Japanese New Year.
Tuesday January 1st New Year’s Day closed for Japanese New Year.
Wednesday January 2nd closed for Japanese New Year.
Thursday January 3rd closed for Japanese New Year.
Friday January 4th closed for Japanese New Year.
Saturday January 5th normal business will resume for the start of 2019.
All 2018 business will conclude December 28th Friday for the year. New business will for 2019 will begin on Saturday January 5th
For clients and customers that need to reach us immediately or traveling from far or from distant areas. Please do not hesitate to reach us by phone.
Overseas inquiries will receive a response through the holiday as normal.
If we should miss an opportunity to work with you due to our holiday schedule, please keep trying to reach us diligently. As always, we wish to support you with any assistance you may need during the Holidays and wish you a very successful and Happy New Year.


Website Renewal

Thank you for your continued suppor and we really thank you for your patronage.
Pacific Planning Website has been renewed.
The contents of the website are upgraded to "ease to use" and "ease to see" especially, improving for overseas. English homepage is a vailable. This pageis easy to see from the mobile phones and tablet terminals.
We will continue to inform you more and in order to improve the service for you .
Thank you very much.


We are looking for worker

We are looking for worker who are Regular employee, mechanic ,Foreign sales,part-time worker. Let's work with us.
*English-speaking staff is available. Please call.


Announce for summer holiday

Our company will be closed for summer holidays from 11th August to 16th August.
During this time, please send mail to our trade carview site, we will check the mail . Thank you so much.


Announce for opening hours on 17th July

Announce for opening hours on 17th July.
The hours of operation are from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m on 17th July.
Thank you for your understanding.


☆Announce for National holiday Golden Week.

Please be informed of our GW Holidays’ shut down schedule as follows:
5/1(tue): OPEN
5/2(wed): CLOSE
5/3(thu): OPENING HOURS(10:00am~6:00pm)
5/4(fri): OPENING HOURS(10:00am~6:00pm)
5/5(sat): OPENING HOURS(10:00am~6:00pm)
5/6(sun): CLOSE
5/7(mon): CLOSE
5/8(tue): CLOSE
5/9(wed): CLOSE
We apologize for your inconvenience during this period.
We would like to inform you that Golden Week will be coming soon. The Golden Week is a consecutive national holidays in Japan that is from the end of April to early May.During this time, please send mail to our trade carview site, we will check the mail .Thank you.